Pastor Cher D. Winkley has been in the ministry since 1994. She is both licensed and ordained. She serves as the Executive Pastor of the Holy Tabernacle Church International in Mesquite, TX, under the leadership of and alongside her father and Pastor D.L. Winkley.

Pastor Cher has completed both her Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from Southern Methodist University’s (SMU), Dallas, TX, as well as her Masters of Divinity from Criswell College, Dallas, TX and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Leadership from Dallas Baptist University, Dallas, TX.

She has traveled all over the world, including Africa, London, and South East Asia studying, teaching and preaching The Word of God. She has also inaugurated a Daily Bible Reading challenge on social media for many believers to journey with her and read the Bible through in a year, as she has read it through almost 30 times.  As she so eloquently describes It, “The Word of God LIFE!”

She loves her family, is a Mentor of women both young and old, is passionate about education, loves serving in Mission efforts both in America and in other Countries, is an Author, a Business Owner, and is also a Gospel Music Artist.  Her music available on all digital media outlets and is played across the world.  The admirable things about Pastor Cher is that she is faithful to the call of God on her life, as an unmarried woman and mouthpiece of God.  She lives what she preaches, and is serious about her walk and enjoys living the life God gives her to the fullest!

The Lord has truly blessed her to reveal the fundamental truth and hidden mysteries of His Word so that all hearers might live and go higher in Him. She is honored at every opportunity to share the message of reconciliation, and she effectively does so. It is her life, her mission, her calling her duty to preach and minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After hearing her, you will experience the exaltation of Jesus Christ and His manifested glory; you will embrace yourself in Him as He is revealed and; you will be empowered by Him to make a real Kingdom impact!


With a powerful gift and dynamic sound that captivates every listener, recording artist and songwriter, Cher D. Winkley, is becoming a household name on the Gospel Music scene. Cher began writing and singing Gospel as a young girl and eventually became the Praise and Worship Leader and Choir Director at the Holy Tabernacle Church International, where she serves under the leadership of and alongside her father Pastor D.L. Winkley.


Her debut CD, entitled “Beloved’s Notebook” was distributed nationally and received National Radio airplay in the first year of its release. In March 2012, Cher was declared as the “2012 KHVN Homegrown Artist” of the year for the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex and was nominated for “2013 Gospel Female Vocalist of the Year” by the Texas Gospel Music Awards.  She also charted on the BDS Music Radio Charts ranking in the Top 100 in 2014.  Since then, she has been featured in several Gospel Music Magazines and recognized by many National Recording Artists in the industry.


Her music is still consistently being played on many Gospel Music Radio Stations across the United States and in other countries, such as London, England and in Ghana, West Africa.


Cher is grateful for every Radio Station, Promoter, Supporter, and Listener of her music!! She is currently working on her Sophomore Album, and is beyond excited to release her new Sound to the masses!! She is dedicated to the call and to excellence, and seeks to make full proof of such!! You will definitely experience and encounter Christ through both, her ministry and her music!!


The “I’m a Girl Movement” Vision Declaration:


We’ve been accustomed to waiting on others to make and validate us so much that we have forgotten that we have already been made and validated. It’s difficult to reach our greatest possibility or operate in our fullest potential if we live in fear and ignorance of who we are. Everyone has a past, but no one has to be defined by it.


Your liberation comes from an acceptance of freedom lent by Someone and Something greater than yourself. You, woman, CAN make it!! Where’s the innocent dream of the little girl within? Society has no power to destroy it!! Family has no power to stifle it!! Your surroundings have no power to dictate it!! Your past has no power to withhold it!! Your economical and educational status has no power to deplete it!! Jesus has liberated you and given you the Power over it, to become, to do!!! Use it!! Tell your yesterday and every person and thing in it, “I’m a Girl,” and move on, because your future awaits the Powerful Woman that you are!!! The I’m a Girl Movement was birthed to restore the Kingdom position of the woman by encouraging her to see herself the way God does through the redemption of Christ and indwelling of His Spirit.


Its purpose is to bridge the gap between the Church and the Community of women of all ages. It is designed to grant positivity to the women of today and the young ladies of tomorrow, to empower and educate, to be supporters of one another in life, love and laughter, to uplift, inspire, motivate, cover, push, and nurture all ages and races. By this Movement, women will come to know who they are within and that they have the power to become and achieve, beyond their mistakes, beyond their pasts, their insecurities, dysfunctions, failures, deepest secrets, stigmatism, and social or financial structures and statuses. Through the Movement, the female gender, of all ages, will see, hear and experience Christ, His love and their purpose in Him!! The I’m a Girl Movement will support the churches that represent the Word of God, as well as community organizations in effort to propel its vision.